Quotes-OpenDon’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.



about fungai

I am a creative who tells stories using digital media tools and I help other artists and arts organizations become more visible and find success using those same tools. My work challenges artists to show up for themselves and their art in the best way they can. I am a warrior for the arts.



my creative mediums


Literary fiction is my favorite genre. I write short stories and am currently shopping a novel manuscript. I used to write about 'Jack Foster.' Now I am able to see way beyond that character.


My poetry is inspired mostly by the state of young people around the world; the promises we make to them and the extent to which the world goes to keep those promises. I write poetry under the open pen name Iz Mazano.


When I was 12, an aunt of mine gave me my first camera. That was the time before digital photography. Back then, I needed to think about each shot, sometimes for days, before I took it. And thus a love affair began...

graphic design

When I was a university student, I joined a publication where I learned how to do desktop publishing using a now-defunct app called Aldus Pagemaker. That experience opened doors to other applications; PaintShop Pro, CorelDraw...


I started experimenting with video while working on one of my favorite projects of all time, Zimbo Jam. Around 2009 I started playing around with video editing software. I was hooked. Now I work with video for various projects.

web dev

When I discovered HTML as a college student, I couldn't get over how web development brought so many of the things I loved together; the artistic & the technical. Then a company called Macromedia released Dreamweaver 1.0 and I was sold for life. I now run an agency which uses digital media to help creatives amplify their work.

life is teaching me...

A ton of lessons. Hard ones. Happy ones…




current projects

Updates on the projects that are currently keeping me busy; the ones I can talk about. The projects I love the most are the ones that have arts and culture at the core.