I believe in the power of art to enlighten, heal, and mend.

I know there are no tooth fairies, but there is magic in creativity.

Every day I will learn new skills and soak deep in new knowledge to better my craft, but I must remember to pause the soak every so often so as not to drown.

As a human being, there are traits of selfishness in my thinking and my doing, but every day I will endeavor to find ways of sharing what I know and teaching others. I promise, when I teach, I will leave out the circuitous routes, lame ducks, and headless chickens, because life is short and getting into Heaven is hard.

I will seek always to collaborate and work with other artists because the power of collaboration is infinite.

There have been wasted years and opportunities and those are the jolt I need to leap into action every time I am tempted to check my Facebook likes one more time.

Just as I seek out opportunities that are still out of my reach, there are others who seek out the opportunities that currently pour into my life, threatening to overburden me with goodness. It is my job to share this awesome weight as far and as wide as possible.

I have seen how life can be taken in a breath and so I must empty myself of everything; express all I can, release all I can, give all I can, so that when the time comes for the full stop Dude/Dudette to put a final full stop on things, there will be so many clues for those behind me to follow that the confusion will lead them to conclude, “This must have been a comma.”

Every morning I wake up, this is my goal.


PHOTO: Rosie Kerr on Unsplash