It truly takes a village – and sometimes a metropolis. ‘Self-made’ is an ego-inflating fallacy. Among the many people in this worldwide village who have pushed me, opened doors for me and held me up are the following. I extend to you and everyone I have not yet put on this list, my uttermost heartfelt gratitude. Sando dzenyu maface.

Thank you for stopping to pick me up…

  • My mother who taught me that just because you found 11 eggs in your ‘dozen’ doesn’t mean someone is trying to rip you off. Sometimes people make mistakes.
  • My father who, when I was 12, got my first little story typed out and bound.
  • My form 3 English teacher for being the crush that brought hundreds of poems out of me.
  • More to come…


Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash