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Writer | Digital Storyteller | Web Developer I believe that every serious artist should be able to make a living from their work if they want to and I’m on a mission to find the best tools, ideas, and resources to help artists succeed. I experiment with business models, monetization ideas, and new technology in my own creative process as part of this journey of discovering.

After 30 years, I finally finished a novel and this is how I did it

I wrote my first complete manuscript when I was 12 years old. It was a mystery story, inspired by reading too much Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and The Three Investigators. The protagonist was a teenage boy called Jack Foster, who solved mysteries 😀 (It wasn’t until I was 14 that I read any African writers so my characters were all from foreign lands). Read More »After 30 years, I finally finished a novel and this is how I did it

Circles are beautiful things - fungaifoto

The underrated power of a writers’ circle

In 2005, I won a poetry competition and the prize was an all-expenses-paid writing residency in Devon in the UK. One of the mentors at the residency was Trinidadian-born British poet and painter, John Lyons. One of the things that Lyons told us, the fresh-faced and eager participants at the residency, was that he and a group of four or five friends who were also poets had one every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom between them.Read More »The underrated power of a writers’ circle