May I introduce you to Artist Dynamix

Artist Dynamix website home page screenshot

In August 2020, I started working on a project to formally offer web development and digital media services primarily to creatives, professional artists, and content creators.

I decided to call it Artist Dynamix because at it’s core is a constant search to understand the dynamics that help artists and other creatives succeed.

Obviously, this initiative needed a website – so I build one and finished it earlier this year – but I didn’t really like it. I thought to myself, I am offering web design services so this website had better scream that I know what I am doing.

So I ripped it down and told myself that in a few days I would have the new site up.

It took four weeks.

It’s up now. Ready to go.


Artist Dynamix website home page v1


Artist Dynamix website home page screenshot 2

I’m happy with this new version. Check it out.

But wait, what is Artist Dynamix?

Artist Dynamix is a company that helps creatives and content creators build an amazing online presence to help them achieve their goals. The core service that the company offers is web development and around it we offer supporting services like:

  • setting up and managing mailing lists
  • setting up shopping carts and other online monetization platforms
  • offering training on using digital media tools to connect with audiences and run a creative enterprise
  • sharing resources that creatives can use for their online businesses

I wanted to build a digital media company that had creatives at its core and whose services were built around their needs – and this is it.

Read more about Artist Dynamix here.

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