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Back in Machakos, Kenya

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Three years after I left, I am back in Machakos.

The pace of construction in Kenya is crazy. Roads, apartment blocks, homes; I can’t believe how much has changed in three short years. Ok, two short years and one long COVID-19 year.

Construction of an express highway to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi 2021.

In Nairobi, Ngong Road is now a dual carriageway all the way to the Southern Bypass. Mombassa Road dualization between Nairobi and Machakos is mostly done, making that drive so much easier and so much less harrowing.

They are building a highway in the sky, an express highway to Jomo Kenyatta International’s Airport – and not in that – ‘we have a construction site and something may happen here’ sort of way, but in a ‘get out the way, these concrete blocks are coming in your direction fashion.’

Some Kenyans are worried about how the country will pay for all of this construction which is being carried out mostly by Chinese companies.


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