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Dean Graziosi on chasing your goals in 2022

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Who are you when no one is watching? Congruence is powerful.

  1. Get and handle bigger problems in 2022
    We get resourceful by understanding that problems are the path to a bigger future. Don’t avoid problems. Go after them.
  2. Take ownership of all of it
    No one is coming to save us. The only way things get better is if we take complete ownership. Don’t wait for permission. Remove the ‘buts.’ Stop with the ‘I could do this but…’ Take complete ownership. When you decide it’s all on you, you stop making excuses.
  3. Watch who you learn from, listen to, or are persuaded by
    We are often letting unqualified people let us where our future should be. Who are you letting steer your ship? Imagine God pulling out an iPhone and showing you the highlight reel of the person you could have been. If you have people who bring you down, spend less time with them or be teflon. Find those who are living the life you want to live and model them. If you want to play great tennis, and you’re taking advice from Aunt Edna who’s watched tennis for the last 40 years but has never played, stop. Haha. Sorry Auntie.

We can decide that 2022 is the year that we become more bold than ever before. Courage evolves into confidence. Courage is moving forward despite the fear, the feeling of being an imposter, of not having all the answers.

Replace the word ‘how’ with ‘who’. Learn from the ‘who’. Work with the ‘who.’ Read a book by the ‘who.’ Life gets exponentially easier when we think this way.

Notes on Dean Graziosi

I first came across Dean about three years ago. He had just written his book, Millionaire Success Habits and was pushing it hard so his ads kept popping up on YouTube. I haven’t read his book as the title doesn’t really appeal to me. Ya, I know, I judged a book by its title and didn’t even get to the cover. Dean himself didn’t appeal to me then, because he looked like one of hundreds of success salespeople I came across online. Then I saw him do a conference with Tony Robbins and watched some of his other videos and he started to grow on me. He’s still growing on me…

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