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Eddie Pinero on how we are always arriving and leaving

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I listened to this video this morning during my workout. One of my favorite Eddie Pinero speeches is somewhere in the middle there.

He talks about how we are always leaving and arriving, how who you are today is the you that at some point in your life was so far away but that if we don’t take the time to celebrate our victories and acknowledge our wins, we never see how far we have come.

I also love the bit when he talks about how grown ups are children with mortgages. No one has this figured out. Go out and try things. If they work out they work out, if they don’t you learn and move on.

[12:29] “I remember years ago thinking someday I would venture out into the world, someday I’d speak my mind, someday I would start my own business, I would surround myself with people who believed in what I believe. Someday I’d make a little more money, have a little more time to do what I love. Someday I’d have all that and as I look around, I realize it looks a lot like someday but, guess what, as we grow so do our some days. It’s a chase that never ends. There’s always something more. There’s always something bigger and better and the problem is not the ambition. The problem is forgetting that in so many ways you’ve dreamed of being where you stand right now. You have arrived. You’re not the same person that 10 years ago was throwing some days out into the universe. You have grown, you have learned, you have evolved.”

[13:47] “Why does this matter? It matters because without acknowledging how far you’ve come, you cannot acquire the strength needed to go where you must go. When you don’t feel good enough, it’s often because you haven’t looked over your shoulder and opened your eyes. The evidence is right there. It’s hiding in plain sight. There’s proof that you’ve been there, that you’ve faced demons and conquered them, endured your battles and overcame…”

[15:43] “What you do is overcome. That is who you are…”

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