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Free music for creators from Uppbeat

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I found out about today. It’s a site that offers free music and sound effects to creators. They have a premium version which gives you more music and sounds.

The way I found out about it is the thing I actually want to share. I’m looking for a physical home for Zimbabwe Poets Society. I got to thinking that co-working spaces or hubs may be a good starting point but it has to be something central, in the CBD preferably so that it’s accessible.

While chatting with my friend Stuart Moyo earlier today he mentioned that there was a new co-working space in the Harare CBD. Afrotopia, it’s called. I googled the place and found their website. LOVE IT – the site and the space, what I could see of it online. I looked for more info on them and came across this video:

In the description she put links to her resources and one of them was Uppbeat. There you go.

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Afrotopia Website Screenshot.

Afrotopia Coworking Space

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