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Fungai Mettler – Telling Raw Stories

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I came upon Fungai Mettler this morning while doing that most vain of things – googling myself. Haha. There was a good reason. I was checking to see if- ah whatever. I was googling myself and something awesome came out of it :-P.

Mettler runs the Raw Stories Podcast where she interviews people who have overcome great odds  or who are doing amazing things in their communities.

She says, “I have leant that we do not know the power in our stories until we share them with others. This is why I share stories.” Amen to that Ms. Mettler. 100% agreed. I’m going to follow you from now on.



“I moved to Switzerland in 2014 and realized that I was the first black friend most people had. People were curious about where I come from and [I told] my stories to them. I didn’t fit the mould for many stereotypes that people had about Africans.”

“I lost my parents to HIV/AIDS at the tender age of 7 and depended on extended family to put me through school. I know first-hand what it means to struggle for food and resources, and this has been my guiding light, leading me to serve on the boards of SwiZimTrust and Friends of Matibi. Both these non-profit organizations aimed at alleviating poverty as well as empowering and equipping young people to take control of their lives.”

“When my father passed on, we did not inherit anything because my mother was not legally married to him. We suffered through the label of being illegitimate, and I am sure that is not what my parents wanted for us. As parents, it is important to make sure that children are always protected at all costs.”

“Growing up, I was dark-skinned and had lighter family members and friends who at times made fun of me resulting in low self-esteem and insecurities. Fortunately, in Switzerland, as much as I was dark-skinned, the people there were much more curious about how I got to Switzerland and how it is like living in Zimbabwe. Only a few people were mean and had sentiments that African people are of a lower social status. It still happens now. I have learnt to speak about it and stand up for myself whenever I can. Sometimes it is really difficult.”




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