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Groove.CM introduces new leadership development initiative

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Groove.CM has announced the launch of Groove Growth, their new leadership development initiative. I watched part of the webinar. Mike Filsaime and co have a massive vision for their company. I’ve been watching them push Groove for about two years now and it’s like having a front row seat at advanced startup school.

Ridgley Goldsborough, Mike Filsaime, Donna Fox, Tom Beal
FROM TOP CLOCKWISE: Ridgley Goldsborough, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, and Donna Fox.

Message from Groove on new developments to look out for:

The Groovy Marketer

A weekly newsletter edited by Carl Galletti and delivering the latest Groove news, articles, and links. Each Monday morning your inbox will get a digest of replays and links to content from the previous week, as well as the upcoming week’s live schedule and more.

GrooveGrowth: Our NEW Leadership Development Program.

Free to all Groove account holders, both free and paid. Delivered throughout 2022, every Monday and Thursday. Mondays will be a short inspirational message from Ridgely, delivered in the Groovy Marketer newsletter. Thursdays will feature content and guest speakers on the subject of the month and the last Thursday will be a LIVE streaming Q&A session. Each month will be a different leadership/success subject, all outlined in the replay above.


Introducing Tom Beal as the producer, GrooveTV will eventually be a 24/7 educational channel for Groovesters. It’s like Netflix or CNN for Groovesters. We’re growing it slowly, but already have more than 10 hours of weekly live content in the works.


The expansion of

This is going to be the hub where ALL the how-to information will be indexed in one place to make it easy to find…plus it will be coupled with the upcoming Tooltips that will be a part of all the Groove apps, so when you need help with how to do something a tooltip will give you a hint and then access to articles and/or short videos to show you how it’s done.

If you haven’t heard about Groove, check it out [affiliate link], there is a great free option. It’s an amazing platform for building websites, landing pages, sales funnels, online stores, online memberships, etc.

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