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Humentum & the momentum of an old friend

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The global development organization, Humentum, just announced that Ennie Chipembere Chikwema, an old friend, is joining them as the Director of Locally Led Development. Really happy to hear this and it led me to the Humentum website, which led me to this video….

which got me thinking of potential projects and partnerships that work along the lines of Humentum. Shared resources. Collective action.

About Humentum

Source: Humentum / About Us

We are the leading global nonprofit working with humanitarian and development organizations to improve how they operate and to make the community more equitable, accountable, and resilient. We have staff based across the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and India. We also work with over 100 expert associates and trainers based in a range of countries around the world to deliver our consultancy projects and trainings for members and clients.

Humentum was formed by the merger of InsideNGO, LINGOs, and Mango in July 2017. We knew we could accomplish more as one global organization working together than each organization could accomplish alone.

Other thoughts

  1. I LOVE the name ‘Humentum.’
    Genius! Humanity + Momentum. Ah! Pow!
  2. See what they did there? Not with the name. We’re done with that. I mean with the video. They explained the whole organization in under two minutes – in a creatively done, visually appealing way. That’s powerful. I watched that before I read the about us spiel. More organizations need to do that.
  3. January 1999. Graciano Masauso Kidney walk. About 30 University of Zimbabwe students walking 440km from Bulawayo to Harare. It was crazy, but it happened. There is a connection to all of this. I will tell you the full story one day.

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