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I want to lava you – How come I’m only finding out about this now?

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I came across Lava today. It just started autoplaying after the ‘sloth scene’ video from Zootopia which I’ve watched so many times because the little ones love it – and yes, so do I.

But this lava thing. The video starts playing and I’m thinking these vocals are reading awesome. These lyrics are about two volcanoes, but why are they making me feel so emotional – It’s a really sad song – most of it. The end, it’s Disney, brings much relief.

Then I look at the views this video has had. 176,100,561 views! And the upload date. 16 September, 2015. How on earth have I not been aware of this for FIVE YEARS.

I love the concept of the volcanoes falling in love. It’s prove that personification can apply to anything and anything you personify can move people. The power of story.

As one person, Madison Ledger, commented 4 months ago, “Disney really trying to make us cry over princesses dying but all they needed was two volcanoes singing.”

Yup. Two volcanoes singing.

Here it is. Doing it’s Fungai Creates premiere. Lava!


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