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Yawe & Doris keep their Machakos studio dream alive

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Studio 5 Machakos Website Screenshot

A screenshot of the Studio 5 Machakos website.


In 2017, I met two young creatives in Machakos, Kenya; Doris Wairimu and Anthony Yawe Law. They had this dream of starting a recording studio, but didn’t have the resources to do so.

This didn’t deter them and they had started recording artists in their living room. I met them again this year, about 4 years after we first met. They have made progress with their work, and still have the vision of setting up a state of the art recording studio.

In the meantime, they continue to make it possible for other young people in Machakos to get their voices heard by recording podcasts, music tracks, and videos.

Their passion and commitment is an absolute inspiration. I recently helped them launch their website as they prepare to begin an effort to crowdfund for their dream studio.

Here is their online home.

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