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Meditation on Courage – Danni P. Thompson

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Danni P. Thompson“Whether you are feeling weak or courageous today, remember that there is very little difference between the two states of being, for both have fear. It is said that the coward listens to his fears and becomes frozen by them and/or controlled toy them. The courageous person puts them aside and pushes through or meanders around the obstacles, refuses to be ruled by dread…”

Danni P. Thompson (On the Insight Timer app)

From my morning meditation today.

I have been feeling a new surge of courage in the last few weeks. There are times – too many of them – when I have held back, stopped myself from doing things I know will be hard but are the things I need to tackle to move forward. For instance, before launching Valley of Writers earlier this year, I was frozen for months by the question, “Who are you to launch a platform for writers in Western Massachusetts? You’ve only just arrived here.” It’s up now. Still in beta. Still establishing contacts with people in the writing world here. Still struggling with content. But it’s up and we’ll get there. One step at a time.

My wish today? For cartloads of courage.

PHOTO: Insight Timer

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