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Blog Posts & Books

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Writing on Medium by Casey Botticello
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Medium by Greg Muender (Book $16 as of Oct 16)
  3. The 8 Medium Features You Might Not Know About by Greg Muender
  4. 35 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Medium Blog by Ali Mese
  5. A Reader’s Guide to Supporting Writers on Medium by Tom Farr
  6. Best Practices for Writing on Medium by Siobhan O’Connor
  7. 17 Secrets to Radically Improve Your Medium Stories by Andre Piazza
  8. When is the best time to publish? Wrong question by Mike Sall

Medium Publications

  1. Top Medium Publications –
  2. These Medium Publications Pay Up to $1 Per Word on


  1. 38 Expert Tips for Writers on Medium – Lessons & Exercises from the Top 100 Medium Writers & Stories of All Time

Medium Guidelines

  1. Member Content Guidelines
  2. Medium Distribution Guidelines

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Life Notes is my online notebook; a place to put my digital ‘newspaper’ clippings, bits of my journal, observations, and other stuff all with the ultimate aim of find tools, resources & ideas to help artists thrive.  Read about how it came about here.

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