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Watching Beatrice Mtetwa and her team dance fills me with joy

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Here’s some joyful defiance for you.
The law firm that represented Hopewell Chin’ono and has represented a lot of other prisoners of conscience in Zimbabwe over the years, just released a video of their version of the Jerusalema Dance Challenge that is sweeping across Africa.
All the staff at the law firm come out to join in the dance. The last member of the team to come out and join in the fun is their boss, Beatrice Mtetwa, the most kick-ass lawyer I know.
Note the nod to the striped red and white prison sweaters that were recently made famous when Hopewell and fellow political prisoner, Jacob Ngarivhume, walked out of prison wearing them.
I am full os fo much joy watching this. These lawyers have been harassed and intimidated over and over and they are still able to muster this type of positive energy. Salute.

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