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On discovering Wondershare Filmora

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I had a mentorship session with a young communications person in Machakos today and it was two way learning. He taught me a few things and introduced me to this awesome free video editing app, Filmora from Wondershare.

Just the name made me want to check it out. Reminds me of Cremora, a coffee creamer which I used to LOVE as a teenager.

From what he showed me, Filmora looks really promising. It has some really cool transitions, filters, title templates, motion elements and more.

Sounds like just the thing for artists starting out – and for writers who want to do simple videos to promote their work.

You know you’ll be hearing about this on Valley of Writers soon.

Mentorship session content

Pillars of effective communication for organizations

  1. Documentation (Taking photos and writing notes is not documentation).
  2. Archiving (What an effective archive is and how powerful it can be for an organization).
  3. Dissemination (Different stakeholders, different needs).


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