#MyDiscoveryPlaylist Sona Jobarteh – Gambia

Sona Jobarteh playing the Kora - screenshot from Gambia

Sona Jobarteh, from The Gambia, is descendent of a Griot musical family. For seven hundred years, men from these families played the kora for the royals and the tradition was passed down from father to son. As a Griot woman who became a kora virtuoso, she is a groundbreaker. “My music is heavily based on traditional songs,” she said in an interview once, “but I try to recreate them, without leaving the tradition behind.”


About #MyDiscoveryPlaylist
I have challenged myself to discover new music from around Africa and the world and listen to more of it. I will share as much of it as I can here and online using the hashtag #MyDiscoveryPlaylist.

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