Here’s a great tool to help poets perform better in Google search

UberSuggest screenshot

Many poets and writers focus on trying to get traffic to their sites via social media and forget that for many websites, the biggest driver of traffic is search engines; Google in particular. A great tool for seeing how your site fares in terms of search engine optimization (i.e. its discoverability via search engines) is Neil Patel‘s UberSuggest.

For free, you can track the SEO health of your website (The first site is free. For US$29/month you can track 2-5 sites).  

You need to sign up for an account using a Google profile. After that you set up your site as a project by simply entering the URL. You then get a dashboard where you can monitor the performance of your site over time. You can also run a site audit which checks your site for issues that affect your ranking. These include word counts on your pages, title tags, meta tags, back links, etc. If you don’t understand any of the recommendations you get with your audit, there are useful links with more information to help clarify things for you.

I just signed up and, as you can see, I have A LOT of work to do to get my site ranked, but I’ve started. Here are some screenshots from my first UberSuggest audit:





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