Project Update: A little experiment: I’m putting my notes online

I like making notes. I make notes about things I read, places I go, people I meet. I do it so much that sometimes it takes away from time I should be doing other stuff, like creating content for my online platforms, connecting with people, etc.

It’s been such a struggle this thing, that I have considered giving up blogging as I wasn’t doing it consistently. About a week ago, I started thinking, ‘Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! All these notes, all these journal entries, what if… No way. What if…. No freaking way. What if they became part of my website!!!??? All the research I do for my work, all the podcasts I listen to, all the books and articles I read, all the people I meet – what it I made my notes public? Not all of them, of course, but the ones that are not private or sensitive.

It got me really excited because it’s a way of making my notes and at the same time creating content that will hopefully help some people. It’s also a way of pinging the people I appreciate, documenting my journey, and sharing it- all at one go!

PLUS! I can easily search through my notes from anywhere! And so can other people, should they need to!

Also, once I have all these notes on a searchable platform, imagine the connections that can be drawn between them? And all those time I want to refer people to something I found interesting, I can now just give them a link instead of saying, “Um, I can’t remember where I saw that, but it was really interesting.”

It’s also a great way of making the opportunities that are available to me open to others. I have access to training and material today that just a few years ago I could never dream of accessing. My work as a journalist and writer has given me access to all sorts of resources, to people and organizations whose work and ideas could be beneficial to many others.

Finally, all these notes from a lifetime of collecting end up becoming a body of their own, a representation of searching, learning, life.

It’s still a work in progress. I haven’t even published the link in the menu bar yet, but you can take a peak here.

The idea, over the next year, is to take as many of the notes I have in my journals, physical notebooks, etc and put them up here. I have no idea what it will all amount to, but it will be fun seeing how all of them link to each other and what patterns emerge.

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