All this work and no agent! How?

How not to get an agent for your book

It’s been about 18 months now since I finished the manuscript for my first novel. In April last year, I started sending it out to agents. To lots of agents. But no one wanted to nibble at that hook. You know that feeling when you’re dancing your heart out on the dance floor and no one else will join you? Ya, that’s what hit me. Was I at this party alone? Would I always be alone? Somebody join me! Please! This song rocks!Read More »How not to get an agent for your book

Circles are beautiful things - fungaifoto

The underrated power of a writers’ circle

In 2005, I won a poetry competition and the prize was an all-expenses-paid writing residency in Devon in the UK. One of the mentors at the residency was Trinidadian-born British poet and painter, John Lyons. One of the things that Lyons told us, the fresh-faced and eager participants at the residency, was that he and a group of four or five friends who were also poets had one every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom between them.Read More »The underrated power of a writers’ circle