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Ah, technology. We love it, but we wish we didn’t have to deal with all its dangly bits. A laptop is awesome, but you have to set it up, and actually install the apps you need, and troubleshoot stuff. Arrrgghh!

It’s the same with your artist’s website. You want it to look good and to do stuff for you; market your creations, tell the world what you do, sell your work, etc. But between now and that place, there is a minefield of dangly things to learn and understand.

I wrote an article for Valley of Writers that looks at a number of common tech terms that pertain to website development. It is targeted at writers, as with all my articles on that site, but you will find that this pertains to anyone working on a website; writer, artist, or other careers/organizations.

As you take your journey into getting your site developed, or updated, or as you think about how to get your website to do more work for you as an artist, this is a super useful glossary of terms.

Here is the list of terms covered:

  1. Admin Access
  2. Backend
  3. Blog
  4. CMS | Content Management System
  5. Domain Name
  6. DNS
  7. DNS Records
  8. Feedback Form
  9. Footer
  10. Frontend
  11. Hack
  12. HTTP
  13. HTTPS
  14. Hosting
  15. Mailing List
  16. Name Servers
  17. Newsletter
  18. Plugin
  19. Privacy Policy
  20. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  21. Terms of Use
  22. Theme/Template
  23. URL
  24. WordPress
  25. Widget

Read the article

You can read the article here.

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