The generosity of others

I recently completed the manuscript for my first novel. After I had finished the last sentence and jumped up and down with excitement, I kept a promise I made to myself a few weeks ago when I finished reading Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. That promise was to reach out to others more. To ask for help more. To be more vulnerable… more.

So I reached out to a number of writer friends I know and asked them for advice on publishing, finding an agent, etc.  Before this, I would have been tempted to find my own way, to google the hell out of the challenge until I found a solution.

To my pleasant surprise, the advice came back thick and fast. There is so much I didn’t know. So much I don’t know. Along with the advice came real help. One writer linked me up with an editor. Another introduced me to an agent who replied within the hour of the introductory email.

In learning to ask for help more, I am starting to realise how much I have underestimated the generosity of others all my life.

PHOTO: A hand full of coins.
Harare, Zimbabwe

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