Project Update: Valley of Writers is ready to serve

Valley of Writers Home Page

The Valley of Writers website has finally reached a point where I think it can actually be of service to writers. It’s been a long time getting here.

All the main sections of the site are now working fine. The next phase is pushing for content and regularity. I have a little plan up my sleeve to get this going.  More updates in future.

Last week, I sent everyone who’s signed up for the mailing list an email letting them know it’s go time.

Here it is:

Dear WhatsYourName 

Remember that little project I told you about?

Sometime in mid-2019, I started talking to people about a website for writers I was working on. It was just an idea then; a few notes in Scrivener and a lot of synapses firing excitedly in my head.

In June last year, the beta version for that site was launched and I asked for help from people; comments, ideas, and links to resources.

I received so much support and encouragement from all of you. Ideas and offers to help came in from so many angles and as a result, the next version of the site, when it went up at the beginning of this year, was much better – but still needed work.

Today, 18 months after we first launched, I believe the site is finally ready to serve writers.

Thank you

Thank you for signing up for updates. For me, having people sign up for a new project that was still just an idea, was a real boost.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions.

Thank you for helping me believe this was possible.

Take a look!

Do take a look for yourself, While you’re there, check out the Power Tools for Writers section, the Ideas & Inspiration section, and, if you haven’t done so already, do download our checklist for book launches.

My passion is that place where writing, technology, relationships, and business meet. As I wrote on the ‘About Us’ page for the site; The question I am always trying to answer is, “How can writers use biz and tech tools to make their work easier, to find more readers, and to sell more books while at the same time building and leveraging great relationships to learn, to teach, to grow?” It’s obviously not worded that concisely in my head, but I get excited when I see those four things in action together.

A question for you

As I prepare to communicate more with writers, I’d love to hear from you. Which aspects of business and tech, or related issues, do you most want to hear about as a writer? What are the roadblocks you face in these areas? Please send your responses by email. I’m eagerly awaiting.

That’s all for now. Thank you again. In the next few weeks, I will be sending more updates on plans for the site, new content and resources that you can use as you publish and market your books, and information on networks and communities that are helping writers grow their careers and sell more books.

Have a great weekend!

Open skies,



Here’s a current screenshot of the Valley of Writers home page:

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