#VisibilityCheck | Poetry of Iz Mazano | Instagram Feb 5 2020

Screenshots collage - 11 Feb, 2020

In general, Instagram has been tough going in terms of getting engagement. I have started doing research on how to get this up. In the past I have tried promoting some of my posts and they get high visibility but no engagement so I’ve abandoned this strategy for now. Yes, I’d like my social media posts to be seen but I want to reach people who love poetry and who want to engage with it, not just large numbers of disinterested people.

Visibility check – Instagram
5 Feb, 2020
Reach 4-10 Feb = 1,011 (+402 vs Jan 28-Feb 03)
Impressions = 1,428 (-14)
39 actions taken on account
39 profile visits.

Iz Mazano Instagram screenshot - Feb 11, 2020

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