How to optimize your online presence as a writer

I recently taught my first online workshop. Two weeks ago. Live on Zoom. I was sooooooo tense and nervous the whole day before the training started and kept on going over my material and editing bits of it.

I’ve done offline training before and it doesn’t seem as harrowing any more. But this online thing. Being in front of a camera – live. I’m so used to being on the other side; taking photos, filming – not being the subject. It will take some getting used to but I am committed to nailing it.

The workshop was themed ‘Optimizing Your Online Presence – For Writers’ and was hosted by Straw Dog Writers Guild. 98 People signed up which added to the pressure.

Two days before, I had done a dry run with two of the organizers of the workshop, and I kept getting stuck. My head kept going blank. I panicked and felt that I was totally not ready. To add to the drama, there was so much noise in the house from children running around and one who came to visit me during the run to ‘say hi to Daddy’s friends.’

It was pointed out to me that there was a lot of background noise and that I would need to find a way to tone it all down for the actual workshop.

Then on the day, about 50 actually turned up, including two people I knew from years ago and have worked with in various capacities. It was absolutely crazy that they all came.

I still haven’t found it in me to watch the video of the training (you can watch it below) but I think it went well. At least the feedback I’m getting points to that. Yay!



Next step…

Turn this into an online course.


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