You say you don’t like poetry and yet…

You don't like poetry?

Just been thinking about the politics of liking and not liking poetry. Many people say they don’t like poetry, which is cool. No pressure. You too may feel the same way and yet…

You have a Hallmark greeting card somewhere that you kept just because the message was so beautiful.

You love the audacious simplicity of the songs your children learn at kindergarten. “Have you ever seen a duck driving a truck, down by the bay?”

When your favorite song plays on radio, you sing the words and feel them hit you in a deep place you cannot explain to others.

You have a favorite quote that lifts you up, whenever you’re down.

You love how the sides of her nose crinkle up when she smiles or how his brow furrows up when he’s consternated but have no idea why these little things move you so much.

So I’m thinking, the opportunity for poets to get their work read and appreciated is huge. We just have to figure out a way to move poetry from being seen as hoity-toity to being perceived for what it really is; a reflection of life.

– Iz



Picture by Thought Catalog.

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