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Morning Video: Brendon Burchard – Set up triggers for your habits

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In summary: We set all these good intentions and they fall away after a few days, weeks, months, because we do not set up a system to keep us on track.

Brendon uses triggers to do this.

Quotes from the video:

 “If you don’t have routine and structure set up in a way that will keep you on track then you’ll fall often and having new goals without new habits is kind of like you know having a new car without wheels… The habits or the wheels, they are the things that make you able to achieve the goals so you got to have good habits, but the challenge for most people isn’t that knowledge… you know you need to have good habits, it’s you can’t keep the habit going.”

“The easiest ways to help people maintain a better exercise program is to set a trigger. When you wake up in the morning, your first action is to drink water put your exercise shoes on might get dressed… go downstairs or you go to the gym – and that’s the trigger: you woke up, you do these actions.”

“One of my other favorite trigger moments to set up is doorframe triggers… When you walk into a new room to have a psychological trigger go off in your mind that you’ve associated with that doorframe. Let me give an example. If I walk into my house at night… I have it so when I ever walk through the doors of my house three words repeat off immediately in my mind because I’ve done it so many times consciously I went to the door I said the three words said three words seven three words and I did this so many times and now when I walk through a door my mind automatically triggers those three words and I remember to be those three words.”

In other words, imagine being psyched up to love on your partner, children the moment you walk through the door, each time you walk through the door. Good one Brendon.

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